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Administration of Medication

6 hours - £60pp

Welcome to the Helping Hands Level 2 Administration of Medication course which will equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to safely administer medication to clients and service users. The course includes all relevant legislation, storage requirements, recording and known side effects for commonly used medication. Upon completion of this course participants will be able to safely administer medication and effectively execute the recording procedures required by law.

Prescription Drugs
Medical Record Analysis

Administration of Medication Training Course Overview

Unit I: What is Medication?
Unit II: Legal Aspects
Unit III: Why People Take Medication
Unit IV: How Medication Works
Unit V: Different Types of Medication
Unit VI: Side Effects
Unit VII: Anaphylaxis
Unit VIII: Seven R's
Unit IX: General Guidelines
Unit X: Expiry Dates
Unit XI: Controlled Drugs
Unit XII: Drug Errors

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any prior training/qualifications to do this course?

No, participants do not need any prior training or qualifications to attend this course. Helping Hands’ training courses are designed to pass on skills and knowledge to complete novices as well as experienced professionals, all participants will benefit from this course regardless of experience or existing skills/knowledge.

Do you offer this course online?

As this course contains some physical aspects and the teaching of hands-on skills it cannot be delivered online or via virtual workshop. To be able to pass this course participants must be able to demonstrate that they can execute the physical requirements and skills taught in this course and are deemed by the instructor as being capable of deploying these skills in real world scenarios.

Do you need to be physically fit to do this course?

There are no physical aspects to the learning of this course. Therefore, this course is accessible to people of all levels of health and fitness, to be able to pass this course participants need to demonstrate an understanding of the course material and be willing to learn and engage with the course – there are no physical requirements to this.

Do you gain a qualification from this course?

This course is certified by Trainer Courses and participants of this course are deemed to hold a nationally recognised award at Level 2, which will allow them to administer medication to service users in their workplaces.

Student Comments

"The course was very informational and delivered very well. I recommend others to take this course if they are looking at administering medication in their workplace."


"This course was very well delivered, packed with information to enable me to confidently administer medication within my role."


"Medication is quite an easy thing to overlook but a very serious and potentially dangerous task to undertake at work, so I am glad to be made aware of all the issues, regulations and recording procedures around this thanks to Helping Hands."


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