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Q&A Seminar
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Childcare and Safeguarding Online Courses

 Childcare and Safeguarding Online Courses

Understanding Bullying


Managing Challenging Behaviour


Child Sexual Exploitation


Child Neglect Awareness


Prevent and Radicalisation


FGM Awareness


Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence


Anger and Aggression Management Practitioner

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Anxiety Management Diploma

Image by Joice Kelly

Advanced CBT Diploma

Child Therapist

Applied Behaviour Analysis Diploma

Image by Jerry Zhang

EFT for Kids Diploma

Jumping Child

Positive Parenting

Mommy and Me

NLP for Children Diploma

Child and Therapist

Baby Sign Language

Mother and Baby on Floor

Childcare and Early Learning Diploma


Mindfulness for Children

Yoga Class

Body Language

Image by Jonas Kakaroto

Child Psychology Diploma

Child Model

Challenging Behaviour in Children and Young People

Image by Maria Lysenko

Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellness

Girl by the Tree

Child Nutrition Diploma

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Safeguarding and Leadership

Image by Izzy Park

Early Help and CAF

Young Teacher

Gang Related Issues and County Lines

Image by René Ranisch


Bath Time

Understanding the Importance of Court Skills for Children's Social Workers

Judge Gavel

Adult Sexual Exploitation

Woman Drinking Cocktail

Fabricated Illness

Stomach Ache

Understanding the Importance of Primary Behaviour Support

Mother and Child

Early Child Development Foundation

Recycled Flower Pots

Safer Sleeping for Babies

Sleeping Baby

Safeguarding in Sport

Soccer Practice

Attachment Theory

Standing Toddler

Modern Slavery and Trafficking

Sad Girl in the Window

Supporting Teenagers and Young People


Child and Adult Sexual Exploitation

Woman on Window Sill

Toxic Trio

Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Child Poverty

Salt Factory Worker

Sexual Health

Image by CDC

Suicidal Thoughts

Image by Jon Tyson


Image by Nathan Dumlao


Image by Thomas Park

Behavioural Safety

Image by Mick Haupt

Child Attachment Diploma

Image by Benjamin Manley

Child Internet Safety

Image by Thomas Park

Extremism & Terrorism Awareness

Image by Levi Meir Clancy

Safer Working Practices

Image by NeONBRAND

Child Behaviour and Development at QLS Level 3

Image by MI PHAM

Early Child Development Online Training Bundle

Image by Andriyko Podilnyk

Child Psychology Course: Beginner to Advanced

Laughing Child

Child Psychology and Behaviour Development

Cute Girl

Early Years Foundation Stage

Playing in Nursery

Parenting Skills

Gay Couple with their Daughter

Psycho-Physical Activity for Kid (PPA)

Child Practicing Gymnastics

Childcare Training

Kids Running

Child Care Support Worker

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