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Fire Safety

3 hours - £30pp

Welcome to Helping Hands Fire Safety Couse in which participants will acquire knowledge on fire safety legislation, evacuation plans and the safe operation of fire extinguishers to ensure that your workplace is fully prepared and capable of implementing fire safety procedures in the event of a fire. Upon completion of this course participants will have an extensive knowledge on the causes of fire, preventative measures and the appropriate response in the event of a fire in the workplace.

Fire Alarm

Fire Safety Training Course Overview

Unit I: The Fire Triangle
Unit II: Sources of Heat
Unit III: Sources of Fuel
Unit IV: Sources of Oxygen
Unit V: How Fire is Caused
Unit VI: The Effects of Fire
Unit VII: How Fire Spreads
Unit VIII: Conduction
Unit IX: Convection
Unit X: Radiation
Unit XI: How to Stop Fire
Unit XII: Starvation
Unit XIII: Cooling
Unit XIV: Smothering
Unit XV: Actions in Case of a Fire
Unit XVI: Actions on Discovering a Fire
Unit XVII: Fire Extinguishers
Unit XVIII: The Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any prior training/qualifications to do this course?

No, participants do not need any prior training or qualifications to attend this course. Helping Hands’ training courses are designed to pass on skills and knowledge to complete novices as well as experienced professionals, all participants will benefit from this course regardless of experience or existing skills/knowledge.

Do you offer this course online?

Yes, a similar version of this course can be accessed via virtual workshop. Helping Hands trainers can deliver this training course over a video conferencing platform such as Zoom where they will share their screen, lead discussions with participants and deliver the learning outcomes over the internet. If you would like to access this course via virtual workshop please get in touch.

Do you need to be physically fit to do this course?

There are no physical aspects to the learning of this course. Therefore, this course is accessible to people of all levels of health and fitness, to be able to pass this course participants need to demonstrate an understanding of the course material and be willing to learn and engage with the course – there are no physical requirements to this.

Do you gain a qualification from this course?

This course is certified by Helping Hands and participants that pass this course can hold their course certificates as evidence of professional learning and an excellent level of knowledge, understanding and skills pertaining to this topic.

Student Comments

"An excellent day. The trainer was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable."


"The best part of the course was hearing the real life stories from Phil (trainer) about fire safety incidents he has witnessed in the past. It really goes to show that this stuff is not just theory and that it is important to be aware of potential fire hazards at work."


"I feel that I now better understand fire and am much more confident in my ability to prevent fires from happening at work and at home. Very glad that I attended this course."


On the Phone


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