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Level 2 Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health (RQF)

6 hours - £129pp

Level 2 Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health is specifically designed for those who work with, are responsible for or come into contact with children and young people as part of their job.
This qualification provides learners with both a comprehensive knowledge on a range of the most common Mental Health conditions and challenges that affect children and young people and the skills to be able to act should a condition be suspected. We are passionate about supporting you with the best tools in Youth Mental Health so you can feel confident in giving the best care possible to those relying on you.

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Level 2 Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health (RQF) Training Course Overview

- Define Mental Health 
- Stigma Surrounding Mental Health
- Factors that can affect a person's mental health
- The Role of a Mental Health First Aider
- Advice that should be provided to people suspected of suffering from a mental health condition
- When to contact emergency services
- Identify Signs of Stress
- Management of Stress

- Signs and Symptoms 

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Psychosis

- Suicide

- Self-Harm


- Bullying

- Drugs and Alcohol

- Application of the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan

- When to contact emergency services with regard to mental health

- Understanding legal consent and safeguarding responsibilities when working with children

- Conclusion


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any prior training/qualifications to do this course?

No, participants do not need any prior training or qualifications to attend this course. Helping Hands’ and Integral Workplace Wellness' training courses are designed to pass on skills and knowledge to complete novices as well as experienced professionals, all participants will benefit from this course regardless of experience or existing skills/knowledge.

Do you offer this course online?

Yes, a similar version of this course can be accessed via distanced learning. Integral Workplace Wellness' professional trainers can deliver this training course over a video conferencing platform such as Zoom where they will share their screen, lead discussions with participants and deliver the learning outcomes over the internet. If you would like to access this course via virtual workshop please get in touch.

Do you need to be physically fit to do this course?

There are no physical aspects to the learning of this course. Therefore, this course is accessible to people of all levels of health and fitness, to be able to pass this course participants need to demonstrate an understanding of the course material and be willing to learn and engage with the course – there are no physical requirements to this.

Do you gain a qualification from this course?

This course is accredited by the FAA as Level 2 Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health (RQF) / Award in First Aid for Youth Mental Health at SCQF Level 5. This qualification is valid for three years from the date of achievement.

Integral Workplace Wellness is much more than a training platform. In addition to our accredited First Aid for Mental Health training courses we also offer Wellbeing & Mental Health Support for Staff & Mental Health Workshops. All aimed to assist your business in creating a positive workplace culture that is Mental Health aware with happy team members that are proactively supported.

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