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Mental Health Awareness

3 hours - £30pp

Welcome to the Helping Hands Mental Health Awareness Course which will equip participants with the knowledge they need to understand the current mental health crisis as well as delving deeper into common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, dementia, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Through this course participants will gain all the knowledge and skills to be able to effectively understand and support those with mental health conditions and be aware of all the relevant legislation pertaining to mental health.

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Mental Health Awareness Training Course Overview

Unit I: Mental Health in the UK
Unit II: Positive and Negative Mental Health
Unit III: Categories of Mental Health Disorders

Unit IV: Neurosis

Unit V: Psychosis

Unit VI: Personality Disorders

Unit VII: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Unit VIII: Causes of Mental Health Problems

Unit IX: Common Mental Health Problems
Unit X: Dementia
Unit XI: Depression
Unit XII: Anxiety
Unit XIII: Bipolar Disorder
Unit XIV: Psychosis - Schizophrenia

Unit XV: Building Blocks of Esteem

Unit XVI: A Parity of Esteem

Unit XVII: Legislation and Legal Aspects

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any prior training/qualifications to do this course?

No, participants do not need any prior training or qualifications to attend this course. Helping Hands’ training courses are designed to pass on skills and knowledge to complete novices as well as experienced professionals, all participants will benefit from this course regardless of experience or existing skills/knowledge.

Do you offer this course online?

This course cannot be delivered online or via virtual workshop. To be able to pass this course participants must be able to demonstrate that they have a detailed knowledge of mental health issues taught in this course.

Do you need to be physically fit to do this course?

There are no physical aspects to the learning of this course. Therefore, this course is accessible to people of all levels of health and fitness, to be able to pass this course participants need to demonstrate an understanding of the course material and be willing to learn and engage with the course – there are no physical requirements to this.

Do you gain a qualification from this course?

This course is certified by Trainer Courses and participants of this course are deemed to hold a nationally recognised award, which will allow them to support those with mental health conditions in a supportive, understanding and professional manner.

Student Comments

"This was mind opening, really explained well, understandable for everyone and made me think about my own mental health and struggles that I've had in the past."


"This is such an important topic. It should be taught everywhere, especially in schools. Everybody should know how to support themselves and others."


"It's amazing how much good we can do with just a little bit of understanding. This course has helped me understand people's problems and made me more aware of mental health conditions that are very common."



To learn to become a mental health first aider or to access a range of mental health workshops all aimed to assist your business in creating a positive workplace culture that is mental health aware with happy team members that are proactively supported, visit Integral Workplace Wellness. 


To access a wide range of mental health services to support your employees visit Empower Plan who provide a range of rapid and powerful one to one therapies, group therapy based workshops and resources to promote a healthy and engaged workforce

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