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Today we have two very different online workshops to announce, in digital marketing! Our friends over at Ascendant Content have launched two workshops, one on ‘getting to grips with SEO’ and the second on ‘How to make the most out of your social media’. Helping Hands Training Specialists are delighted to host these and bring you more ways that you can develop, and your business, idea or passion project.

‘Getting to grips with SEO’ looks at the six main techniques you can use for on and off page SEO to help improve your position rankings in Google, build website traffic and convert them into sales! This involves the use of keywords, or words you want to be searched for, how to fix technical errors on your website, creating content and blogs that will help you move up towards page one of Google, conducting research on your competitors, looking at your site health, and creating traffic from other websites.

Today we are happy to celebrate that following some advice with Ascendant Content, we have now reached the top 10% status of websites in site health ranking!

‘How to make the most out of your social media’ looks at the major social media platforms, some nifty tricks in growing your audience, as well as how they can work in tandem with each other. To get in contact with Ascendant Content about their workshops, click here.

Helping Hands Training Specialists are ecstatic that before the new year, we have grown so rapidly to bring you your one stop shop for training course needs. We also can’t wait to bring you even more moving in 2022! To get in contact with us regarding our online and in person workshops, you can contact us here.

To listen to an audio version of this blog, click here:

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