Consultancy Service

We have some incredibly exciting news here at Helping Hands Training Specialists! We are offering a new consultancy service to offer our trainers’ expert knowledge and advice to consult your company on a range of topics, to help your business be safe, compliant and successful.

Business Compliance Consultancy

Helping Hands consultants can support your business to ensure that it is compliant with all relevant legislation, industry standards and regulations. Helping Hands can work with your company and advise on processes and safeguards to put in place to ensure GDPR compliance and to secure the protection of your data.

Policy and Procedure Consultancy

Helping Hands consultants can review your company's policies and procedures to help ensure they are appropriate, compliant with all applicable laws, and in your company's best interests. Helping Hands can also work with you to create and draft new policy and procedure documents in areas of identified need to help your company operate in a way that is safe, legal and efficient.

Health and Safety Consultancy

Helping Hands consultants are available to visit your workplace and provide guidance on all health and safety requirements in accordance with all applicable laws. Additionally, consultants may help you update your current health and safety policies and practises to make sure they adhere to regulations. Consultants can work with you to identify risks and highlight key areas of improvement within your workplace to really maintain the highest standards of health and safety at your company.

Fire Safety Consultancy

Helping Hands consultants are available to come to your workplace and provide guidance on fire safety risks, requirements, and equipment inspections. To guarantee that your workplace is secure, and the risk of fire is minimised, consultants can also modify your current fire safety regulations or create new ones, conduct risk assessments, and create evacuation procedures as well as advising on what fire prevention and suppression equipment is specifically required at your workplace. To ensure that the risk of fire at your workplace is minimised.

Risk Assessments

Helping Hands consultants can visit your workplace to assess the risks and potential hazards and provide formal risk assessments with recommendations on how to resolve any potential risks or hazards in your workplace to protect the safety of your staff and visitors. The creation of these documents is essential to ensuring compliance with the Health and Safety Act, 1974 and Helping Hands consultants can provide in depth and detailed knowledge of this legislation to best advise you on the necessary steps to minimise the risk of accident or injury at your workplace.

Behaviour Management Strategy Consultancy

Helping Hands consultants can offer advice and guidance on the behaviour management plans of your school or children's play settings and work with you to build effective procedures and strategies to handle behaviours and escalations. Bringing years of experience and professional and psychological techniques to help your staff confidently, professionally and positively manage behaviours.

Food Hygiene and Safety Consultancy

Helping Hands consultants can inspect your workplace's kitchen and food preparation and storage facilities to determine whether they are following all food hygiene procedures and regulations and can offer advice on any changes that are required to ensure your clients' safety. Consultants will also work closely with you to provide guidance on how to achieve a 5 star food hygiene rating from the food standards agency.

If you have any queries about this new service please don’t hesitate to contact us here, we will be happy to help!

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