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Free Resources Available to You!

Here at Helping Hands Training Specialists we enjoy going the extra mile for our clients and helping you to operate at the highest standards. With that in mind we have partnered with Virtual College to bring you a free library containing a huge range of useful resources that cover various subjects from safeguarding to health and safety. These resources are designed to guide, educate and inform your staff on topics of the highest importance as well as provide you with important forms and documents to help your workplace be a safe, accessible and enjoyable place to work.

Our free resources range from guides, documents, legally required forms, posters, and videos which are all available for you to download completely free of charge!


The guides available to you contain a wealth of information on the most important subjects. From Mental Health Wellbeing, to details on HSE GRIP scheme, and even how to improve your Digital Skills, these guides will enable you to learn and obtain a great deal of knowledge. Written to be compact and accessible while also containing a huge amount of vitally important information, these guides can help to bring knowledge, skills and understanding to everybody and work towards making your workplace a better environment for staff and and customers/clients.

Download 'Our guide to mental health and wellbeing' now:


We have a wide range of documents available for you to utilise in the workplace and educational settings. Varying from all things to do with Fire Safety, a Work-Life Balance Assessment, food storage guides and checklists, and much more. The information provided in these documents is all up-to-date and greatly detailed, ensuring that they provide all of the necessary guidance and direction.


Through Helping Hands you can access a range of incredibly useful forms that will help your workplace to conform with all necessary and legally required reporting and recording procedures. Forms available for free download include Risk Assessments, Fire Evacuation plans, Bump notes, Safeguarding Incident forms, Complaints forms, Medication Administration forms and COSHH sheets, among many more. Providing you with all the required documentation to meet legal obligations and maintain a safe and compliant workplace.


Our attractive and informative posters offer information on a variety of topics. Our ‘How to Wash your Hands’ poster is perfect for your bathrooms. Our posters for schools also provide easy to understand information which is handy for both pupils and staff. These posters are designed to be accessible and fun ways to communicate important information which makes them a great fit for any workplace/educational environment.

Please find all of our free resources available to you here. And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, we will be happy to help!

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