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Since the pandemic, thousands of people have been suffering socially. A lack of social interaction and isolation from others meant many people began to develop mental illnesses and social anxiety. There have been many cases in Sheffield local news of the effect that the pandemic has had on the community’s mental health, and we at Helping Hands want to help change that.

As part of this, we have sponsored Futures FC, a community-based football club for people who wish to improve physical and mental health and connect with others experiencing similar difficulties. Futures FC aims to provide a space for people to make memories and experiences that will aid recovery and drive them towards bigger and brighter futures. This partnership provides the foundations for the recovery of both physical and mental wellbeing, but also, allows individuals to connect with others lacking in social interaction, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They host weekly training sessions, allowing for both a routine and social interaction for many of the local community, as well as aiding physical recovery.

Many of the Futures FC team have suffered from mental health or addiction issues and are working towards recovery. The work Futures do to provide a safe space to facilitate a supportive community of people with similar experiences is remarkable. By bringing people together and making connections, Futures have done incredible work in supporting people in their recovery. This is a cause that Helping Hands is fully behind and is proud to support Futures on their mission to build support and community through sport. We hope to continue to support them long into the future.

To find more information on our sponsorship of Futures FC and the services they bring to the local community, you can visit their Facebook page here

We want to help tackle this growing problem within our local community, and provide the support that people need when experiencing difficulties in their lives and hope that you can join us on this journey.

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