Helping Hands Community Hub

Here at Helping Hands Training Specialists, we have a very exciting announcement!

We have decided to launch a new non-profit version of Helping Hands that will be bringing our valuable training courses and workshops to the people that need it the most - for FREE!

Upon running various professional training courses designed for social care and child workforce professionals, Helping Hands Training Specialists has received a lot of incredibly positive feedback regarding the importance and utility of the information and skills taught at our training courses.

It was often remarked that these courses were so valuable that they should be made available for everyone!

Everybody can find great reward from learning all about the important issues that touch all of our lives from physical health to mental health and special needs. It is our mission to raise awareness and understanding of these issues to make our communities much safer, more understanding and more welcoming for everybody.

Therefore, we have committed to bringing the these valuable training courses to the people in our community that need it the most; Helping Hands decided to form a Community Hub, a non-profit organization that works to bring these invaluable training courses, information, knowledge and support to members of our community, especially the parents/carers and families of children with special needs so that they can better support their relatives and themselves whilst raising a child with special needs.

Courses will cover an expansive range of topics such as physical health, mental health, special needs, behavioural strategies, psychology and communication.

These courses include: Paediatric First Aid, Basic Life Support, An Introduction to Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Positive Behavioural Strategies, Epilepsy, Downs Syndrome, De-Escalation Techniques, Mental Health Awareness etc.

These training courses have taken expert level training and adapted them to make them more accessible and applicable directly to parents/carers and family members.

This will provide a huge amount of support to the parents/carers and family members of children with special needs by bringing them expert level knowledge, skills and understanding as well as providing a support network and a community of people who have similar experiences.

Our mission to engage, educate and empower our community through these free training courses/workshops will be launching very soon!

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