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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

With personal experience of parenting a child with special needs, Philip Hazlehurst began working as a training manager at Sheffield City Council and the Burton Street Foundation. Realising he had an aptitude for delivering training courses and a passion for helping improve the understanding and awareness of children with disabilities across the UK, he partnered together with other industry experts. Together with their unique culmination of expertise, they realised that they were in a perfect position to translate their 30 years of knowledge and specialist skills into quality training courses to assist social care and child workforce professionals across the UK, and in 2021, Helping Hands Training Specialists Ltd was formed.

As managers of social care provisions, the three founders were responsible for sourcing necessary training for their staff teams. They found this process to be incredibly difficult and painstaking, unable to find everything they needed in one place that could work around their needs. It was this difficulty that inspired them to found Helping Hands Training Specialists with the intention of creating a training provider that could be a one-stop-shop for all social care and child workforce provisions across South Yorkshire. From there, we expanded our training courses to include anything that would be beneficial to improving the standards and quality of professionalism in such provisions.

Helping Hands Training Specialists Ltd. is a group of social care training experts with an immense wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in the social care and childcare sectors. Helping social care and child care provisions improve their training and operational standards as well as helping them to develop these settings to take on a more positive approach to care, behavioural management and client support.

We are committed to ensuring that all our participants are fully equipped to take on any challenges in their workplaces. Helping Hands trainers are on hand to deliver accredited training courses, online courses, virtual workshops, audiobook courses, supporting our students with the most up to date and clinically recommended information we have and ensuring that training is accessible in various different formats.

We run a wide variety of training courses including First Aid, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and safety, Fire Safety, An Introduction to Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Understanding Epilepsy, Administration of Medication and so much more.

We have also partnered with various other training providers so that should we not run a training course that is required by our clients, we will work to find it for them.

"Whatever your training needs and requirements are, we are here to help."

Based at Leeds Road in the Olympic Legacy Park, Helping Hands Training Specialists are available to deliver all your training needs. Get in contact today to see how we can help your workplace ascend to a whole new level, or…

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