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Training in accessible formats

If you’ve read our first blog on our story, you’ll know how difficult it was for us to provide social care training for our staff prior to forming Helping Hands Training Specialists. There was no 'one stop shop' for all social care and employment training needs. So today, just to give you an understanding and another way to access all of our courses in one easy to reach place, we’ve created a blog on all of the training course format options that we provide. We constantly strive in our endeavour to provide our training courses in as many accessible formats as possible. If you require a training course that we do not provide, we guarantee that we will work with our training course partners to assist you and find what you need. Let's take a look at some of the courses that we provide and in which ways you can access them!

Training courses

Our in person training courses have a number of benefits. Participants gain more here from the experience and knowledge of the trainer, first hand, who can impart his knowledge and advice in a personalised and specifically tailored and applicable context, answer all questions and queries straight away, and perhaps even be able to bring in strands of wisdom from our other specialist training courses. Here our trainers can teach the physical aspects of some courses and provide personal support and guidance to help you reap as much reward from your training as possible. Especially if you choose to hold this at our training centre! Courses for in person training can be found here and include but are not limited to:

First Aid At Work

Administration of Medication

Child Safeguarding

Adult Safeguarding

Anaphylaxis Awareness

Epilepsy Awareness and Administration of Rescue Medication

Fire Warden and Fire Marshall courses

What distinguishes us from other training providers is the range of behavioural courses that we offer to assist social care and child workforce professionals, particularly in respect to their workplace settings. Our training courses go beyond the legal and health and safety requirements, they can also impart knowledge on modern psychological and behavioural techniques and strategies deployed in social care settings. Some of the courses here include:

Positive Behavioural Strategies

Child Workforce Training

Positive Communication with Children

All in person taught courses can either be held at Helping Hands Training Specialists' centre at the address below, or you can contact us here to see if we cover courses in your area:

10 Leeds Road, Sheffield, S9 3TY.

Online training courses

If our training centre is slightly out of your remit, or it would be impractical for travel to give you the best quality experience that Helping Hands Training Specialists has to offer, we also have a wide variety of online courses that you can access from home or at your workplace. Do you not have enough time in the day to take your career to the next level? Our founders completely understand that struggle.

We’ve got you covered, from guided online courses to video based courses you can follow at your leisure. Helping Hands Training Specialists has partnered with various affiliated organisations to ensure that if we do not have a course that you require, that we can guarantee we know an affiliate partner that does! Some of our partners you may recognise include Virtual College, CPD Online College, Learning247 and Centre of Excellence. Our online courses range from general awareness and introductions, to more in depth courses, whereby you would receive a diploma or qualification upon completion. These online courses are engaging and informative - a really convenient and cost effective way to enhance your personal and professional development.

Virtual Workshops

In a similar vein to online courses, we also offer virtual workshops. We here at Helping Hands Training Specialists like to plan for the long term, and realised that we needed to focus on providing alternative options for some of our participants to ensure that they would not lose out on having the same access to education and training, particularly with the tumult caused by the pandemic.

Your safety is at the heart of our company's ethos and as such, any courses an