It's our Birthday! 1 Year of Helping Hands

It's our birthday! Today marks the one year anniversary of Helping Hands Training Specialists. And what a first year it has been! We have created a website, moved into office space, took on multiple new affiliate partners to ensure that Helping Hands Training Specialists can be the one stop shop you need for all training courses, and so much more!

There have been great highs and crushing lows, and we have been overjoyed to bring you more online courses in multiple different formats. We have brought out a podcast to make all of our blogs accessible for all. We provide courses in person, virtual workshops, and online courses. We have brought you audiobooks and pocketbooks, eat your heart out Audible!

We have some boldly exciting plans for this year, including the launch of Helping Hands Community Hub (spoiler alert!). We are relishing the prospect of being able to provide our courses to the people that need them the most. We are launching our online shop to bring you a wide range of products such as first aid kits, health and safety equipment, defibrillators, PPE, fire extinguishers and many more. There are EVEN MORE courses being added, just in case you thought we were not doing enough to promote personal, professional and business development.

We are really grateful to all of our clients and to our partners in helping us to realise our dream, and help you along the way to yours with all of the awareness and accreditation courses you could ever need. So happy birthday to all those who make Helping Hands Training Specialists possible!

It has been an incredible first year, and we hope to continue to deliver all of your training needs for many more years to come.

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