New Courses!

1 year, 8 new courses!

Would you believe it’s been a whole year since we first founded Helping Hands Training Specialists? Time flies while you’re having fun. To celebrate this huge development for us, we are expanding and launching loads of new courses for you to get stuck into! The courses we are introducing from today are:

De-Escalation Techniques

This course is designed to give you a detailed overview into modern and psychologically approved de-escalation techniques as well as positive behavioural strategies.

Infection Control

This course will develop your understanding of basic and proper infection control practices as well as the legal aspects surrounding infection control and waste management.

Dementia Awareness

This course will allow you to fully understand the aspects of dementia and how to effectively support clients with this condition

Diabetes Awareness

This course will enable you to understand what diabetes is and how to effectively support clients with this condition

GDPR Awareness

This course is designed to support your understanding of GDPR and it’s practices, and the importance of data protection in the workplace.

Mental Capacity Act and DOLS

This course will allow you to fully understand the Mental Capacity Act and deprivation of liberty standards as well as the legalities surrounding this.

Personal and Pressure Care

This course will support you to effectively care for people that need personal care, as well as understanding the importance of personal hygiene and the prevention of pressure sores.

Trauma Informed Practices -

Delivered in partnership with professional psychotherapists from Modern Therapies UK, our Trauma Informed Practices training course brings expert knowledge and modern psychological practices to industry professionals. Upon completion of this course participants will be able to recognise trauma, understand how trauma presents itself behaviourally, utilise knowledge of the nervous system and learn how to appropriately support clients with trauma.

PLUS – we have also added two new virtual workshops! These are COSHH and Risk Assessments. These can be delivered over video conferencing platforms. We have also recently partnered with EmpowerPlan through whom you can access metal health and wellbeing workshops to support your employees.

More information regarding the training courses and booking information can be found on our website (here) so you can get yourselves involved!


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