Online Courses - What we offer part 2

Even our first blog on the range of our online courses was too long, so we bring you…. Our Online Courses - part 2! If you missed our first blog, you can find it here, but otherwise we wanted to talk about the new courses we have in the spectrums of Special Needs, Mental Health, courses for Schools & Education, Psychology, and Personal & Professional Development. As a one stop shop for all possible training or professional development needs you may have, we really recommend a read or have a browse through our online course catalogue!

Special Needs Online Courses

From Advanced Autism Awareness, to online courses for Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy and Down's Syndrome we have all of the online resources you need to develop your understanding of how to communicate, and provide support to people with these conditions. We also have a number of courses and qualifications that look at working with people with disabilities too, check out all of our Special Needs courses.

Mental Health Online Courses

Mental health goes so far beyond our state of being whilst in the workplace, or our ‘state of mind’. It can refer to so much more, such as long standing conditions like Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia or more commonly known issues like Depression. Yet, mental health also is the underlying root or core reason as to why people suffer from Eating Disorders, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), or develop issues such as PTSD or Postnatal Depression. We have a range of tools designed to educate you, or your staff on these issues, and empower you to be able to support those suffering with these conditions. To see our full range of tools and courses pertaining to mental health, please click here.

Schools & Education

In contrast to our courses to help fill your PHSE days, this range of courses looks at how you can personally develop yourself for schools and educational child care settings. We are currently offering bundle course packages in respect to Early Years Teaching, and Teaching & Childcare which are absolutely not to be missed! We also have a range of specific qualifications such as our SEN Level 5 QLS in Primary teaching, Positive Handling in Schools and so much more! You can peruse our full teaching and childcare qualifications and courses here.


We offer a range of psychology courses that cater to your personal development. Do you have problems with sleeping? Check out our Dream Analysis & Therapy course. Have an eating disorder? We’ve got a brilliant Food Psychology course. Do you wish to be able to practise psychology as a career? We have qualifications in Jungian Therapy, Neuroplasticity, Relationship Psychology or the Froebelian Approach. To access all the courses you need to kickstart your career as a psychiatrist, click here!

Personal & Professional Development

Whether you have issues with Public Speaking, you want to engineer your mind and those around you for SUCCESS or simply practise more Mindfulness, we have something for everyone. There is nothing worse than seeing untapped potential go to waste because of a lack of Confidence or understanding H