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The latest in Helping Hands Training Specialist’s development is the launch of our new online shop! Working with Safety First Aid, we now provide essential safety equipment such as first aid, fire safety and health and safety products, the perfect complement to our training courses. Let’s explore some of our professional new products available at our online store for delivery.

First aid kits

Our BSE standard first aid kits range from everything from family, going outdoors, disposable resuscitation kits, AED responder, emergency asthma kits to the more well stocked first aid and burn recovery stations. We even have all the equipment you need to outfit a school first aid room!

Health and safety

Everything you need to be business compliant in health and safety. Whether its one or two items such as a COSHH assessment folder, caution wet floor signs, respiratory mask dispensers, shoe covering dispensers, or GDPR compliant near miss workbooks, we cater health and safety equipment for every business.

Defibrillator and Resuscitation kits

Our life saving on scene equipment can be purchased either for stationary use or on the go. Check out our range of AED responder kits, Defibrillators and AEDs as well as all of the signs and explanatory materials you could need.

Fire safety kits

Our prices might be hot, but we guarantee your workplace won’t be! We stock every type of extinguisher you may need, as well as fire warden equipment, fire blankets, burns kits and stands.

First aid supplies

Are you just low on a particular item? We offer affordable individual items such as plasters, bandages in a number of textures. Additionally we also have cold and hot packs, freeze items for those nasty burns, haemostatic dressings and tourniquets.

Eye care

For both prevention and response. We stock easily installed eye wash stations, eye protection dispensers, and a number of sterile eyewash solutions from a number of providers.

Biohazard and hygiene equipment

Be completely COVID compliant with our range of biohazard materials. We hold facemasks, disinfectant wipes and cleaning materials, polythene aprons, clinical waste safe seal bags, hand gel dispensers, refills and so much more! Bodily fluids kits and spill kits also help to deal with biohazard incident in the workplace.

Medical equipment

We support many professions within the social care sector, and now are in a position to outfit them too! From medical screens, fingertip pulse oximeters, BP meters, infrared thermometers, syringes, to neck braces and immobilisers, we have everything you need for both emergency and non-emergency needs.

Burn care

Our prices are as soothing as our aqueous burn care gels, and we can patch up your fire compliance with the same strength as our burn dressings, kits and current legislative signage.


Not just for all of the categories we have already mentioned, we can help every business from kitchen staff and safe food handling, mental health posters, PPE guidance, safe manual handling, COSHH, biohazard guidance, and how to respond to medical situations. Are you following the signs to our stupendous array of products? If not, click here.

Helping Hands Training Specialists are committed to not only providing quality training courses to suit all of your needs, we are also on hand to ensure that your workplace is properly equipped to deal with any and all emergency, first aid, fire or health and safety situations, legislations and requirements. Anything that you need to safely run your business can be found in our online store here:

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