Safety Courses

Here at Helping Hands Training Specialists we offer a wide range of safety courses to help you keep your workplace safe. Why is workplace safety essential? This question is more complex than you might think.

Every workplace has a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that all of their employees, customers/clients and visitors are safe, and the cost of failing to do so, both legal and financial, are significant. Every employer has the responsibility to make sure that their staff are trained and equipped to be able to maintain a safe working environment and reduce the risk of accident or injury.

The variety of safety courses we provide here at Helping Hands Training Specialists will enable you to prioritise the well-being of both your employees and your customers/clients as well as ensuring that you are compliant with all relevant legislation, regulations and industry standards to help prevent any incidents or accidents.

Health and Safety

This course will ensure that you maintain a secure environment for both yourself and the individuals under your care. The training course will cover all relevant statutory acts, including the Health and Safety Act 1974, as well as covering all reporting and recording obligations regarding health and safety incidents. Upon completion, participants will be equipped with the knowledge to be able to understand standard health and safety concerns and learn the appropriate preventative measures to lower the risk of accident or injury at work.

We also provide a range of online courses covering various health and safety topics that you can access here.

Food Safety

Anybody who handles or prepares food will receive thorough training through our food safety and hygiene course, which satisfies the legal requirement for expertise in this area. This course is based on the Food Standards Agency data and covers all necessary topics to help participants understand food hygiene issues and work to prevent and reduce the risk of poor food practise. Upon completion of this course participants will understand hazards to food safety and methods to prevent contamination and ensure safe storage and preservation to maintain a safe and healthy food environment.

We also provide a range of online courses covering various food safety and hygiene topics that you can access here.

Fire Safety

In order to ensure that your company is completely ready and capable of performing fire safety protocols in the event of a fire, our Fire Safety Course ensures that all staff have knowledge on fire safety legislation, evacuation plans, and the safe functioning of fire extinguishers. Participants will acquire a thorough understanding of the causes of fire, prevention measures, and the proper response in the case of a workplace fire.

Fire Warden

This course builds on the understanding of workplace fire safety, risk-reduction strategies, and safe and efficient firefighting techniques learnt in the Fire Safety course. Participants will gain a more in depth grasp of fire safety, and be fully trained to be able to perform the roles of Fire Warden or Fire Marshall within the workplace, including learning all of the legal and procedural requirements of those roles both is response to fires and to their prevention.

All of these safety courses work towards keeping your workplace safe and compliant and ensure that all staff have the understanding, skills and knowledge to be able to recognise, prevent, reduce the risk of, and respond to any safety incidents at work.

To book onto any of these safety courses and help make your workplace a safer environment please do not hesitate to get in touch here.

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