Supporting Ukrainian Children

We have all seen the devastating news regarding the invasion of Ukraine, and the effect this had, and is going to have on millions of people’s lives. Here at Helping Hands Training Specialists, we want to do all we can to support the people suffering from this continuing crisis in Ukraine, and the families that have been displaced as a result.

As part of our commitment to bring our valuable training courses to those that need them the most both at home and abroad, Helping Hands Training Specialists have partnered with Camp-IT who provide teachers who are volunteering to teach Ukrainian children who have been displaced by this crisis.

Camp-IT will provide a secure platform service including classes, activities, courses, clubs, and events which can be accessed both online and offline in all parts of Europe for children who have been displaced because of the conflict in Ukraine.

These children have experienced a significant amount of trauma that no child at their age should have to experience. This will have detrimental effects on both their physical and mental development and wellbeing, and we want to do all that we can to ensure that their development will be as minimally affected as possible.

Therefore, Helping Hands in partnership with our friends at Modern Therapies UK, are providing free trauma informed practices training to all the volunteers who are going to be providing free education for Ukrainian children.

This training course will help the teachers to understand trauma and to develop the

essential skills, understanding and knowledge to be able to tackle this problem and support those children who may be experiencing trauma as a result of the war. This course will provide the volunteer teachers with the tools needed to support a child or young person dealing with any form of trauma and build lasting resilience within them to better support their psychological and emotional recovery.

We hope that by providing our trauma informed practices training for free to these volunteer teachers, we can help to support all the children fleeing the conflict in Ukraine and work towards minimising (where possible) the profound effects this can have on their growth, development and education.

To find out more information about this amazing project you can visit Camp-IT website here:

If you are interested in volunteering your teaching experience to help support these children, you can apply through the website or you can contact Dima directly here:

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WhatsApp - +380509066238

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To donate and support this wonderful cause click here.

We hope you can join us on this journey to help support those currently suffering as a result of this ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and we pray for all those affected by this crisis.

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