The Beautiful Game

Do you remember your heart skip a beat as you watched Christian Eriksen collapse at the European Championships last year, or when Fabrice Muamba went into cardiac arrest, his heart stopping for 78 minutes? As the world held its breath during the heart-wrenching scenes at that Denmark-Finland game last summer we realised that more needs to be done to protect our players. Cardiac arrest is becoming a worrying trend in recent years in the beautiful game and these tragic events seem to be becoming more and more common, so what can we do about it?

Helping Hands Training Specialists wants to ensure that no-one has to watch their teammates collapse and stand by not knowing what to do and feel helpless, so we are offering two thirds off of our Basic Life Support training course price so that every footballer from grassroots level up knows how to respond. Teaching footballers the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to potentially save a team mate's life.

By teaching footballers these crucial skills we hope to avoid tragedies such as Cheick Tiote, who sadly passed away due to a cardiac arrest suffered during training. Football truly is a beautiful game and we want everybody to be able to partake safely. If we can all at least be aware of what to do and how to respond when terrible events like this happen, then hopefully we can prevent any more tragic losses like Cheick Tiote. Lets keep our sport and our team mates safe.

Our Basic Life Support training course will teach you how to perform CPR, operate an AED and perform basic life support. Whilst it may be true, particularly in higher leagues that there are on-scene medical staff, being the closest person to your teammate can make a crucial difference to the outcome. The seconds between your teammate collapsing and having CPR performed on them can be life saving, so for just £10, you can learn these crucial skills.

If you are a footballer, or you know of someone who is, get them down to our training centre at Leeds Road, Sheffield or we can visit you during training. You can contact us in the following ways:

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Contact number - 07477 904692

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It’s not just on the pitch, developing these skills will help you to respond in a number of situations outside of the beautiful game. The more people that know how to save a life, the less tragedy we all have to suffer.

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