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Here at Helping Hands Training Specialists, we like to support teachers, teaching staff, PHSE or pastoral care staff, anyone, related to dedicating their careers to teaching our next generation. We also believe that as such, schools should not just be places of learning, but places to care for everybody, by, everybody, at least in circumstances that really call for it! As such, we have tailor made some courses specifically to support settings in a school environment designed to make your school a safer and more supportive community for everybody, student and staff! You can read our full breakdown below!

Mental Health Awareness

The prevalence of mental health problems in society is evident with many people struggling in silence. Unfortunately, young people are at particularly high risk from suffering with some sort of mental health issue. Our Mental Health Awareness course complements teachers' understanding to allow them to be able to effectively support students (and staff) facing these issues, yet has dual functionality if applied to students in enabling them to be able to recognise the signs of adverse mental health in their peers, and opening up dialogue surrounding it. This course can be delivered to school staff in order to develop a more professional understanding of common mental health conditions and how to best support students should they be suffering. It can also be delivered to students with the purpose of creating more awareness and consideration for issues that may be faced by themselves and their peers to hopefully foster a more supportive and understanding environment in your school.

First Aid Courses

What better way to fill a PHSCE day, or to prepare your students with valuable life saving skills than to show them how to administer CPR and how to operate an AED/defibrillator? This course will help instil a sense of confidence in your students, and your staff members, that were the worst to happen, they would be prepared to try and prevent loss of life. Our Basic Life Support & AED course is designed to impart this crucial knowledge and life saving skills to students so that they are equipped to deal with life threatening situations should they occur. Additionally, we also provide a specific course First Aid For Schools which is a nationally recognised award for school staff and deals with CPR and First aid and looks at common illnesses that appear in children, as well as the legislation and reporting procedures pertaining to school settings. This course is a complete school specific first aid course that will prepare school staff to deal with life saving and minor first aid incidents in educational settings. Paediatric First Aid is our two day, intensive first aid course that tackles first aid more deeply and specialises in paediatric and early years first aid, looking at issues specific to children and babies. All of our courses meet HSE and Ofsted standards, so you can be assured your students and staff will be fully covered and prepared to respond in first aid incidents.

Autism Awareness

A brilliant addition for your staff to add to their skillset is being aware of autism and how to handle this amongst your pupils. Upon completion of this course, your staff will have a confident understanding of how Autistic Spectrum Disorders can manifest and feel capable in responding to this in an understanding, supportive and appropriate manner, as well as learning some behavioural management techniques to respond to autism specific behaviours in a classroom setting. This course will ensure that staff are equipped to teach and support students with an ASD so that every student may get the best out of their education regardless of their abilities or special needs. To see how to book this, you can check this out here.

To conclude

From our base here in Sheffield, Helping Hands Training Specialists has an array of courses that could benefit you and your school setting - both students and staff. Whether it is personal development for staff, ensuring they all meet Ofsted requirements and regulations, or even booking courses to broaden the horizons and understanding of your pupils, Helping Hands is here to help. Get in touch today to see how we can help expand your professional development.

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