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We at Helping Hands Training Specialists don’t like to linger on the COVID-19 Pandemic, but it did inspire us to adapt to being able to deliver our training courses with the same interpersonal touch and pizazz, in a dynamic format that that is a lot safer in an age of remote working and social distancing. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic it became apparent that in-person training courses may not be the safest option for some participants, so Helping Hands has moved some workshops online. Now of course, our virtual workshops help us to accommodate your training needs regardless of where you are based in the UK, or even internationally! We love to focus on the positives, so let's take a look at the benefits of our virtual workshops that we have on offer and what they include!

Aside from being able to book this conveniently at a time that suits you, all of our virtual workshops tend to last for two hours. We also base our prices at £20 per person, so we can accommodate any team size to suit you, meaning you can save on your budget as opposed to booking with a training provider who only offers one fixed price for the session. Additionally, we can work across most video conferencing platforms to meet you, sharing our screens to communicate important information, demonstrations, and key documents, as well as leading discussions to ensure maximum learning potential in a safe and distanced environment.

Is your team working remotely? can you not access our training centre in person? or are you spread out far afield? No worries. Our virtual workshops are designed to work around such difficulties and deliver valuable training courses through a safe and socially distanced format without compromising on quality and informative content.

So, what virtual workshops do we host?

Well, we can only currently offer workshops that do not contain physical components, yet we are constantly striving to look for ways to shift our online or in person training courses into a dynamic that can communicate everything that you need to know. For that reason, our virtual workshops currently cover:

Autism Awareness

An Introduction to Epilepsy

Food Safety

Child Workforce Workshop

Fire Safety

Barriers to Communication

Positive Communication with Children

An introduction to Down Syndrome

Mental Health Awareness

All of these courses are in depth and engaging and will convey all of the important information needed to pass the course and develop participants' understanding and confidence to deal with these topics in their workplaces. Trainers will lead conversations and an inclusive and interesting way, and answer any questions that participants may have to ensure that everybody on the course gains the maximum benefit both professionally and personally.

So there we go! As we mentioned, we will be delivering more in the future but the virtual workshops we do offer tend to sell out very quickly! To book yours, and your company's place at one of our workshops, you can get in contact with us here.

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