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We have all witnessed a worrying rise in mental health problems in recent years, further exacerbated by the turmoil caused by Covid. This is a troubling trend that can have serious consequences on people's and society as whole's wellbeing. At Helping Hands Training Specialists we want to work to help minimise the effects of mental health issues and help to support people who may be suffering. Mental Health is just as important as physical health, and just like our bodies, our mental health needs constant care.

It is for this reason that we have partnered with EmpowerPlan to bring you a range of valuable mental health and wellness workshops. Through EmpowerPlan you can also access an online platform for your employees to access 1:1 and group therapy sessions, mental health resources, physical health support and expert psychological support.

Here is what Nadine McCabe, founding director of EmpowerPlan, had to say about the amazing work EmpowerPlan do to bring mental wellness to companies across the country:

What we want to accomplish

In a world where there has been immense change and disruption to people's lives and the organisations who employ them, we endeavour to bring further change for them, but in a more positive manner. At EmpowerPlan our mission is to change the lives of employees for the better through providing wellbeing and performance enhancing tools and support.

The founding director, Nadine McCabe decided on establishing this business in order to bring the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy to as many people as possible. By creating a members area for employees, we can deliver webinars which include this amazing therapy method to a limitless number of employees. We are also able to offer group workshops to the organisations and one to one therapy sessions for those in need of more intense changes. EmpowerPlan has therapists located throughout the UK and therefore we are able to enhance the lives of countless people who are signed up to the membership program.

“I set this company up in order to have a BIG impact on the greatest number of people I could possibly reach. I want to change as many people's lives as possible and help as many organisations to flourish after such hard times hit us all”. Nadine McCabe- Founding Director

How it all began

When on a personal development journey of her own Nadine stumbled across the RTT method and instantly was drawn to the impact it was having on those experiencing the therapy. Being already qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nadine decided to train in Rapid Transformational Therapy and has been blown away by the effectiveness it has on her clients ever since qualifying as a practitioner.

Nadine’s previous experience was in Operational Management dealing extensively with business development and HR issues. Nadine understands the struggles and frustrations employers face and also how important it is to ensure your staff are safe and well. Her desire to bring Rapid Transformational Therapy to organisations, comes from her personal experience and knowledge. RTT can help not only with mental health, but also enhance key skills needed in business and personal lives in order to flourish and be happy and well.

What do we offer

EmpowerPlan members get a whole host of benefits and both the users and employers get a very personalised experience. The employers have a dashboard showing how their employees are engaging with the portal and able to monitor the wellbeing of their employees.

The users are able to set personal goals and gain access to webinars, workouts, fitness tips and tools, nutrition information, recipes and diet plans, hypnosis and meditation audios, therapy worksheets, planners and organisers and also lots of downloadable worksheets for life enhancement tools. They will also receive free counselling sessions and discounted RTT sessions each year to maintain good mental health. There really is a whole host of wellbeing content for users to enhance their health and regain balance within their lives.

As part of the membership organisations also experience a number of on site workshop days each year. These workshop days consist of 2 workshops for up to 30 people per session with the topic being very specific to the organisation's needs at that point. Some organisations may feel the need to enhance sales skills with their sales team, or they may find a large number of staff suffering with anxiety or issues with addictions. Whatever their needs, EmpowerPlan can create the ideal workshop to tackle the issue and enhance their employee wellbeing or performance.

Organisations who are not signed up as members are also able to book one to one therapy sessions and wellbeing workshop days. You don’t have to be a member to benefit from these unique and effective workshops and therapies.

According to a report recently published, mental health-related absenteeism cost the UK £14 billion in 2020, which had risen by £1.3 billion since 2019. With EmpowerPlan the employers will benefit from increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, a motivated workforce, enhanced staff performance, greater employee retention and an increase in engagement.

Our team

We are able to offer the EmpowerPlan service to organisations throughout the UK having access to and working with a number of experienced and passionate RTT therapists nationally.

Nicky Guest is one of our RTT Therapists currently located in the Cumbria area and has extensive experience as a mental health counsellor working with eating disorders and currently specialising in issues relating to relationships and love blocks and helping menopausal women.

We work with other mindfulness and meditation specialists, one of which is located in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. The Calm Barn offers classes virtually via webinar and video conferencing, as well as in-person. The mindfulness training on offer will teach you to be more present and to perceive the world in a more realistic way; as a result, you will be able to view situations with greater objectivity.

We also work with a number of other holistic therapy partners all of which are bookable through the EmpowerPlan portal. Whatever your wellbeing needs, we aim to make them accessible for you. Continuously striving to ensure that your wellness is realised!

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss the needs and struggles within your organisation, contact to book a free consultation with one of our account managers.

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